Sports Massage Therapists Boise

If you are an Athlete you may benefit from having regular Sports Massage. As a high performance athlete you may benefit from the following: 

  • Improved Relaxation
  • Relief of Muscle Tension
  • Better Range of Movement
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Mitochondrial Development

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Why Sports Massage Boise

Enhance Your Physical Performance

A common misconception is that sports massage is only for professional athletes. However, anyone who participates in regular physical activity can benefit. Whether you play football or run marathons, the repetitious and aggressive movements of physical activity can hurt you. Having regular, quality treatments can become an excellent addition to your training regimen.

Who Benefits from Sports Massage

Active people: Just because a person isn't about to run a marathon doesn't mean that they aren't active. A person that jogs every day walks every day or just a really active mom can suffer from an injury. They can wind up with runners knee problems, tendinitis and several other injuries that are associated with playing sports. Massage therapy in Boise can help active people both prevent and recover from injuries.

Elderly: individuals are often left off of lists like these, but they shouldn't be. The elderly are less active than younger generations, which lead to muscle atrophy and a limited range of motion. The old will be able to get a workout without having to wear themselves out, and they will enjoy having a larger range of motion. The elderly may not be able to enjoy as long of a therapy session, but they can still benefit from just a few minutes a day with an experienced professional.

Desk Workers: It can be hard to imagine that a person sitting on a computer all day can suffer from an injury, but it does happen, especially with individuals that work online. Because these people spend hours on end on the computer typing, they are at a greater risk of experiencing an injury than individuals that are only on the computer for a few hours a day. This injury, known as tennis elbow, is now also being called computer elbow. Computer elbow is just like tennis elbow, but it occurs in individuals that spend hours on end on a computer. A trained specialist can help diagnose this injury, treat computer elbow and give tips on how to prevent the injury from happening in the first place.

These people feel that because they do not do anything that could be defined as rigorous, there is no point in them getting a sports massage. This couldn't be further from the truth. This type of therapy benefits anyone that does anything repetitively, including sitting down. Sitting down for hours on end is a repetitive motion, even if it doesn't involve getting up a lot. It even comes with quite a few risks that people are unaware of. Sitting at a desk all day typing can result in decreased circulation, back pain, an increased risk of blood clots, neck pain, computer elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, tense muscles and many other things. It may be surprising, but just sitting down all day can be strenuous for the body. The body is created to move around and do things, not sit at a desk all day.

Boise Massage Therapists Sports Massage

The benefits of this type of therapy will help to counteract the negative impacts that a sedentary lifestyle can have. It helps to increase blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, and these specialists have experience dealing with injuries like computer elbow.

There are so many people that can benefit from this type of therapy, it's impossible to list them all. There is also a great deal of benefits to this type of therapy that everyone can enjoy, even stressed out children.

There are many spas, salons, and other locations that offer these treatments in Boise. To find the best location for you, you should do your fair share of research. Since these treatments target areas that can affect your overall health, you want someone who has been trained in the area. The therapist you choose should be highly educated in the therapeutic care of sports-related injury.

One of the easiest ways to find the best location is by asking your friends and family. If you are on a team, some of your peers may have received a sports massage in the past or be regular customers to a local location. Asking at your next practice may give you the best recommendations possible. Also, if you have received an injury, asking your physician for a recommendation can help you find the best therapist near you. Call today to book an appointment. Serving Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Downtown. If sports massage does not work you may try another technique called trigger point massage.


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